The Fire Marshal shall inspect or cause to be inspected all existing commercial and residential structures, except one – and two-family dwellings, at least once every three years. The Fire Marshal shall make it necessary for the enforcement of the laws and ordinances governing the same and for safeguarding of life and property from fire.

The city code for the City of St/ Petersburg can be found HERE. Subdivision IV within Division 2 of Article II in Chapter 13

Please direct all questions to the Fire Prevention Division at 727-893-7064.

Top Violations with Examples

Check these items now and prevent a re-inspection later. If you have questions regarding compliance, please refer to the links on the left for assistance, or call 893-7694 and ask to speak with a Fire Inspector.

Fire Extinguisher not certified.
Extinguishers and Sprinkler Systems need to be certified once per year.
The use of extension cords.
Extension cords should not be used in place of permanent wiring.
Exit signs not working.
Signs need a specific minimum level of light to ensure legibility in both normal and emergency modes.
Emergency lights not working.
An egress (unobstructed walkway used to exit) illuminated by a self-contained power source such as a battery.
Electrical panel missing blanks.
Guard rails not at proper height.
They should not be less than 42 inches, some exceptions apply.
Grills on Balconies.
Sprinkler Heads missing heat shield.
Holes in ceilings and walls.
Fire Alarm system not certified.
Alarms need to be certified once per year.

Fire code inspections of existing structures: All existing residential structures, except for one- and two-family dwellings, shall be inspected by the Fire Marshal or his designee and a fire code inspection fee shall be assessed based on the total square footage of the entire residential structure, including common areas. Individual units and common areas or occupancies within an existing commercial structure shall be inspected by the Fire Marshal or his designee and a fire code inspection fee shall be assessed based on the total square footage of each individual unit and of each common area. The inspection fee for an existing commercial structure including common areas, with no individual units will be based on the total square footage of the entire existing structure.

Square Footage
under 5,000 $50.00
5,000 to 10,000 $60.00
10,001 to 20,000 $70.00
20,001 to 30,000 $80.00
30,001 to 40,000 $90.00
40,001 to 50,000 $100.00
50,001 to 60,000 $110.00
60,001 to 70,000 $120.00
70,001 to 80,000 $130.00
80,001 to 90,000 $140.00
90,001 to 100,000 $150.00
Plus $35.00 for each additional 10,000 square feet, or portion thereof, above 100,000 square feet
Second re-inspection Twice the initial fee
Inspections required for the issuance of state licences $75.00
Fire Extinguisher Training Classes $130.00

AED or Automated External Defibrillator is a device that will help to save the life of someone who is suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest. The device is easy to use, but does require some formal training.

There are a growing number of AEDs within the City of St. Petersburg. Read the instructions below and click the picture of the AED on the right to view their locations. This will link you to the GIS webpage and allow you to search for the closest device.

A GIS plugin and Internet Explorer is required to view the locator. After clicking on the link, you will be asked to install the mapguide viewer plugin.

To view the locations of the AEDs within the City of St. Petersburg, check the box “Fire Department Defibrillator Locations” Use the Pan and Zoom icons on the toolbar to locate the area of interest.

CPR Class

892-LIFE (727-892-5433)

Because every second counts

St. Petersburg Fire Rescue offers a basic CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) class taught in the evenings several times a month. A course on the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator) is also taught along with the CPR class. Upon completion of this 4 hour course, you will be certified by the American Heart Association for 2 years. The cost is $30 per person. We also offer BLS HealthCare Provider CPR Certification classes once a month for those in the medical field for $45.

A 4 hour First Aid class is also offered once a month for $30 per person. All classes are held at St. Petersburg Fire Rescue Headquarters located at 400 Dr. MLKing Jr St S on the first floor. There is a parking lot in front of the building for your convenience.

These classes are also available to be taught at your office, business or meeting place. Please call our hotline for more information about cost and times. Our classes are available in Spanish as well.

For more information and to enroll right over the phone, please call our CPR and First Aid Hotline at: 892-LIFE (727-892-5433).