Office of Emergency Management

Passing Hurricane
Emergency Operations Center

The Chief of Emergency Management is also the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of St. Petersburg. In that role, the Chief is responsible for the supervision and administration of the City's emergency management program. This program consists of plans, procedures and public education related to the mitigation of, preparation for, response to and recovery from man-made and natural disasters.

The foundation of emergency management planning is the City Disaster Operations Plan, which emphasizes an "all hazards" approach to emergency management. While the Plan encompasses a multitude of potential disaster events, the focus is clearly upon the City's preparedness and response to tropical storms and hurricanes. The Plan provides organizational and performance guidelines for municipal efforts to protect lives, property and restore normalcy should our community be impacted by severe tropical weather or other disasters. To this end, the Emergency Management office stays current with technological advances in areas such as storm fore-casting, public evacuations, damage assessment and debris management. Exercises and training events are conducted to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of City personnel to implement the plan when directed.

The Emergency Management office maintains a broad spectrum of relationships, the most notable being the partnership with the Pinellas County Emergency Management Office. Emergency preparedness classes are provided to area businesses through the St. Petersburg Business Assistance Center and personal appearances. Coordination occurs with public health officials and the medical services community regarding response to mass casualty emergencies. Neighborhood and civic organizations, the education community, special needs constituencies, volunteer disaster relief organizations and public utility providers all represent valuable stakeholders in the City's emergency management program.

Additionally, St. Petersburg is a participant in regional, state-wide and national mutual aid agreements intended to efficiently provide assistance should a disaster event overwhelm the City's resources.