The Operations division provides service from 13 stations strategically located through the district. Each station is managed by a fire captain who is responsible for the operation and maintenance of their respective facility. Due to the 24-hour work schedule, all stations are equipped with kitchen and dormitory facilities.

Fire Headquarters

Fire HQ

400 Dr. M.L.K. Jr Street South

Station 1 – Downtown Master Station

Station 1

455 8th Street South

This station was rebuilt in 1988, and is housed in the same building as Station 5.
Apparatus: Rescue 1, Truck 1, Medic 1, Squad 1, Lieutenant Rescue 1
On Duty Firefighters: 9
Responds to the downtown corridor
Fun Fact: The Master Station is the only station in St. Petersburg with multiple stories and fire poles.

station one logo

Station 2

Station 2

3100 66th Street North

Apparatus: Engine 2
On Duty Firefighters: 3

station 2 logo

Station 3 – Palmetto Park

station 3

3101 5th Avenue South

Apparatus: Engine 3, Rescue 3, and Medic 3
On Duty Firefighters: 7
Busiest Rescue and Engine Company
Fun Fact: This station has the nickname of the Bat Cave.

station three logo

Station 4 – Old Northeast

station 4

2501 4th Street North

This station was built in 1947, and then renovated in 1999.
Apparatus: Engine 4, Truck 4, Rescue 4, Heavy Rescue 4
Specialty Team: Technical Rescue
The Technical Rescue team responds to elevated rescues, below ground rescues, Swiftwater rescues, and is part of the Florida Task Force 3.
On Duty Firefighters: 8
This station serves the Old Northeast, Euclid/St Pauls, Crescent Lake, and Crescent Heights neighborhoods.

station 4 logo

Station 5 – Downtown Master Station

station 5

455 8th Street South

Apparatus: Engine 5, Rescue 5, Hazmat 5, Hazmat Utility 5, District Chief 5
On Duty Firefighters: 6
Specialty Team: Hazmat
The Hazmat Specialty team responds to hazardous materials calls.
Only multistory station in St. Petersburg with 3 stories, also the only station with fire poles. Responds to the downtown corridor.

station 5 logo

Station 6 – Central Oak Park

station 6

4825 9th Ave North

This station was rebuilt in 2004.
Apparatus: Engine 6, Rescue 6
On Duty Firefighters: 5
This station is strategically placed in central St. Petersburg and responds to all areas of St. Petersburg.
Fun Fact: Only station with a fish pond and was in the original station and the new station was rebuilt around the fish pond.

station 6 logo

Station 7 – Fossil Park

station 7

875 64th Ave North

The original station was built in 1961 at 6975 9th Ave N, the current station was built in 2018.
Apparatus: Engine 7, Rescue 7, District Chief 10, Brush Truck On Duty Firefighters: 6
This Station’s Engine is actually called a “Quint” that comes equipped with a ladder, similar to a Truck. It also has a Brush Truck, which responds to Brush Fires.
This station responds to the Fossil Park and surround neighborhoods.
Fun Fact: Every year it hosts a “Haunted Fire House.”

station 7 logo

Station 8 – Lake Maggiore

station 8

4701 9th Street South

This station was built in 2011, and is LEED certified for environmental sustainability.
Apparatus: Engine 8, Rescue 8
On Duty Firefighters: 5
This station serves the Driftwood, Old South East, Lake Maggiore Shores neighborhoods, and surrounding neighborhoods.

station 8 logo

Station 9 – Lake Pasadena

station 9

475 66th Street North

This station was built in 1974 and remodeled in 2010.
Apparatus: Engine 9, Rescue 9
On Duty Firefighters: 5
This Station serves the Jungle Prada and other surrounding neighborhoods.

station 9 logo

Station 10 – Ponce De Leon

station 10

2800 30th Avenue North

This station was built in 1964 and renovated in 2007.
Apparatus: Engine 10, Rescue 10
On Duty Firefighters: 5
This station serves the Kenwood and Ponce De Leon neighborhoods.

station 10 logo

Station 11 – Lakewood

station 10

5150 31st Street South

This station was built in 1974 and renovated in 2010.
Apparatus: Engine 11, Rescue 11, Truck 11, Marine Units: Dive 11, Marine 11, Fire Boat 11, and Rapid Dive 11
On Duty Firefighters: 8
Specialty Team: Marine Rescue
This station serves the Greater Pinellas Point, Broadwater, surrounding neighborhoods as well as the Skyway bridge and provides mutual aid to Manatee County.

station 11 logo

Station 12 – Shore Acres

station 12

1651 Bayou Grande Blvd

This station was built in 2003.
Apparatus: Engine 12, will soon be adding Marine 12
On Duty Firefighters: 4
Located in Shore Acres it also serves the Snell Isle, and Venetian Isles neighborhoods.
Fun Fact: It's the only waterfront Fire Station in St. Petersburg.

station 12 logo

Station 13 – Gateway

station 13

11600 Roosevelt Blvd North

This station was built in 1996.
Apparatus: Engine 13, Truck 13, Lieutenant Rescue 13
On Duty Firefighters: 7
This station serves the Gateway neighborhood and also responds to the Howard Franklin and Gandy Bridges. It also provides mutual aid to Tampa.

station 13 logo

Station 14 – East High Point

station 14

13801 Evergreen Avenue N

St. Petersburg was awarded the contract to serve the Highpoint area in 2013.
Apparatus: Engine 14
On Duty Firefighters: 4
Serves the Highpoint neighborhood, also responds to St. Pete/Clearwater Airport.

station 14 logo